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9th - 12th Grade Summer School Policies


Space is limited and registration is based on a first come, first served basis. Registration is considered complete when all required forms are completed and payment has cleared. By enrolling in LCFEF Summer School, the student and the parent both verify that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by LCFEF Summer School's CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE POLICY and TECHNOLOGY, DIGITAL DEVICE, AND GENERATIVE AI POLICY.


Out of District: Students who do not currently attend a school within La Cañada Unified School District must complete two additional forms, Credit Verification Form and Transcript Request Formin order for registration to be considered complete. The form link will also be available during the online registration process.


Credit Courses: Students must take BOTH semesters to count toward a year-long, 10 credit, course. ONLY students needing to recover credit for a D or F grade may take one semester and earn 5 credits. See course descriptions for prerequisite and/or required counselor approval. 


Tuition: High school courses $1005/year or $525/semester. Health course only is $250. For rising 9th grade students enrolled in PE, health instruction is included in the cost of PE.

Late Registration: A late registration fee of $50 applies for any applications received after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 17th, 2024. Starting June 1, 2024, the late registration fee increases to $100.

Materials Fees: Lab sciences - $60 laboratory materials fee. Spanish 1, 2, and 3 - $25 workbook fee.


Enrollment Minimums: All courses need a minimum of 15 students enrolled in order for the course to run. Courses lacking minimum enrollment numbers by 5:00 pm on May 17, 2024 will be canceled and tuition refunded.

Class, teachers and room confirmations will be e-mailed the week before the start of classes.


LCFEF Summer School strives to keep class sections between 20-25 students with the exception of PE.


Limited funds are available for financial aid. Requests for financial aid should be made directly to the LCFEF Summer School via email. Documentation verifying financial need will be required. Determination of eligibility will be at the sole discretion of the LCFEF Summer School committee. Financial Aid requests must be submitted no later than May 1, 2024.


Tuition, minus a $100 handling fee and credit card processing fees, will be returned for any reason, provided the request is made in writing by email to and received prior to 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 17, 2024. The LCFEF Summer School Board will consider a 50% refund (minus $100 handling fee and credit card fees) for a verified death in the family or a verified student illness (doctor’s note required) which precludes a student from attending summer school, providing the request is made prior to the first day of summer school. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON WILL BE GIVEN OR CONSIDERED OUTSIDE OF THIS POLICY.


Returned checks will be subject to a $50.00 fee and enrollment will not be processed until the check clears the bank and the fee is paid.


All credit courses offered have been approved by the La Cañada High School principal(s) who verified that they 1) meet University of California A-G course requirements and 2) will be accepted for credit at La Cañada High School. Non-La Cañada High School students should verify with their schools as soon as possible that these courses will be accepted for credit. Out of district students must return the Credit Verification Form within 10 days of registration or on the first day of classes, whichever comes first.


All students must attend the first and last day of their assigned Summer School class. Any student not in attendance on the first day will be dropped in favor of a student on the waiting list. Any student not in attendance in a credit-earning class on the last day of each semester will not pass the class or receive credit.


There are no excused absences in summer school unless approved in advance by LCFEF Summer School administration. When enrolled in a full year course for credit, students are not allowed more than three (3) days of absence and no more than two (2) days may be in any one semester. Students taking one semester are allowed only (1.5) days of absence. Missing one day of a summer school course is the equivalent of missing one week during the regular school year. Students who exceed these absences will be dropped from the class.


Two tardies constitute one half-day absence. If a student is not in their seat when the bell rings, the student will be considered tardy. It is possible to receive more than one tardy per day (at the beginning of school and/or after breaks). If a student is more than fifteen (15) minutes late to class, the student will be considered absent one half-day.


All final exams will be taken on the last day of each semester. No early finals will be approved. Weekly progress reports will be emailed to all students and parents. A student may choose NOT to have a transcript sent to their home school by completing a Do Not Report Grade Form. This form must be signed by both the parent and student. Forms can be obtained on the LCFEF Summer School website,, or from the LCFEF Summer School Coordinator. The completed form must be returned to the Summer School Clerk within 3 days after the end of the course.


La Cañada High School Students

La Cañada High School student transcripts will be automatically submitted electronically to LCHS unless a Do Not Report Form is submitted to the Summer School office by the due date indicated on the form. This form can be found on under Forms. 


Non-La Cañada Unified School District Students

In order for a grade to be transferred to the home school, the student and parent must complete a Credit Verification Form and a Transcript Request Form. The Credit Verification Form ensures that the student’s home school/district will accept the LCFEF Summer School course for credit. The Transcript Request Form provides us with the name and address of the student’s home school and allows us to send them an official transcript at the end of the LCFEF Summer School term. Both of these forms must be completed within 10 days of submitting the registration materials to LCFEF Summer School or before the first day of Summer School, whichever comes first. Upon enrollment, if a non-LCUSD student does not want to receive credit for their LCFEF Summer School course, they may complete the Credit Voluntary Waiver Form in lieu of the Credit Verification and Transcript Request forms. A non-LCUSD student who determines that they do not want their grade reported to their home school needs to complete a Do Not Report Grade Form and both the student and parent must sign it and return it to by the due date indicated on the form. Non-LCHS student transcripts will be mailed the week after summer school ends unless a Do Not Report Form is submitted by the due date indicated on the form.


All La Cañada High School rules will apply at all times during Summer School.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a non-disruptive manner and follow the LCFEF Summer School Conduct Policy. Teachers will have the discretion to ask students to leave class if they are disruptive. Being asked to leave class will be considered an absence. If a student engages in behavior that would result in a school suspension during the regular academic year, the student will be dropped from the summer school program. No refund will be given. Student incidents of cheating will be handled on an individual basis but may result in expulsion from summer school with no refund or credit given.


When classes fill, students may join the wait list until LCFEF Summer School finds another qualified teacher to offer another section of the course. At such time that another section can be offered, parents will be contacted and enrollment priority will proceed in order that students were added to the wait list. 


No supervision is provided outside of class time. 


LCFEF Summer School follows the LCHS Dress Code Policy. Students should at all times be dressed in appropriate school attire. Bathing suits, revealing clothing and bare feet are not permitted. Discretion of school personnel will prevail in determining appropriate summer school attire.

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